My Twilight Saga Playlists

Since I’ve discovered Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, it seems that I’ve been stuck between universes. I know it’s a serious addiction because it’s definitely cutting into my knitting time!
So, to celebrate my enjoyable distraction, here are my Twilight playlists. Songs are listed in chapter order (skipping selections where I haven’t found a perfect fit as of yet), and any abbreviations refer to character’s names (for example, B would be for Bella).


Raining in Baltimore–Counting Crows
(E) Higher Love–Depeche Mode
(B) Halo–Deep Blue Something
Other Voices–The Cure
So in Love–OMD
Beautiful Shame–The Mighty Lemon Drops
Get Up–R.E.M.
Everything Had Changed–Barenaked Ladies
Forever Young–Alphaville
Blood and Roses–The Smithereens
Strange Fire–Indigo Girls
The Boy with the Thorn in his Side–The Smiths
I Feel You–Depeche Mode
I’ll Fall with your Knife–Peter Murphy
Home–Depeche Mode
Goodnight Lovers–Depeche Mode
Englishman in New York–Sting
But Not Tonight–Depeche Mode
Run Away (The Escape Song)–Oingo Boingo
Not Enough Time–INXS
Route 66 (Casualty Mix)–Depeche Mode
Here I Stand and Face the Rain–a-ha
Thorn in My Side–Eurythmics
Calling All Angels–Jane Siberry with k.d. lang
Hold Me Now–Thompson Twins
Original of the Species–U2

New Moon
Party: Happy Birthday 2U–Lowen & Navarro
Waiting My Turn–The Connells
(B) Now My Heart is Full–Morrissey
(E) The One I Love–David Gray
Scotty’s Lament–The Connells
She Just Wants to be Somewhere–R.E.M.
Policy of Truth–Depeche Mode
Haunted When the Minutes Drag–Love + Rockets
Motorcycle–Love + Rockets
I Feel Speed–Love + Rockets
It’s No Good–Depeche Mode
No One Lives Forever–Oingo Boingo
Pretty Rough–The Connells
(Intruder: )
(Family: )
Run–Snow Patrol
Country Feedback–R.E.M.
Slackjawed–The Connells
The One I Love–R.E.M.
Map of the Problematique–Muse
Volterra: Death’s Door–Depeche Mode
(Verdict: )
In Everything You Do–The Mighty Lemon Drops
Stay–Shakespeare’s Sister
Enjoy the Silence (Reinterpreted)–Depeche Mode, remixed by Mike Shinoda
With or Without You–U2

Ultimatum: Suedehead–Morrissey
(Evasion: )
(Motives: )
(Nature: )
I’ll Be Your Shelter–The Housemartins
Chocolate–Snow Patrol
(Unhappy Ending: )
Halo–Depeche Mode
(Target: )
(Scent: )
Maps and Legends–R.E.M.
(Time: )
(Newborn: )
I Want the One I Can’t Have–The Smiths
(Epoch: )
It Doesn’t Have to be Like That–Erasure
(Instruction: )
(Selfish: )
I Want You Now–Depeche Mode
You and Me–The Mayflies USA
My Love Life–Morrissey
World in my Eyes–Depeche Mode
Martyr–Depeche Mode
(Mirror: )
Last Supper–Howard Jones
You are the Everything–R.E.M.
Maybe Later–Lowen & Navarro



  1. Ahhhh I was wondering what people meant when they were talking about playlists.

    The Truth: Stay–Shakespeare’s Sister
    Epilogue–Treaty: With or Without You–U2
    Compromise: I Want You Now–Depeche Mode

    I totally agree – I have to look up some of the other choices – especially Lowen & Navarro. I love Navarro.

  2. Oh man, you got it baaaad.

    My fave of your picks? “Forever Young” and “With or Without You”. Perfect.
    But no Muse? I love it now.

  3. And one more thing,
    No “I’m Only Happy When it Rains” by Garbage?

  4. Jamie Said:

    And I thought I had it bad! I was really surprised to find Chocolate by Snow Patrol on yours too. I don’t have a complete list yet like you do, I just finished the books a couple days ago. It feels weird getting back to my knitting after reading Twilight because now I don’t want to stop. Ahhhh, to read & knit at the same time….. But to get me through the wasteland that is from now until August (with a slight reprise in May when the first chapter of Breaking Dawn will be available) I’m going to cast on Bella’s gloves. Thanks for that!

  5. mari Said:

    Great playlists!
    You have a lot of my favorite music on here. Muse, Depeche Mode, The Smiths!

    Love the look of your blog, btw. Glad I found you. 🙂

  6. dawn Said:

    i just read both twilight and new moon (in a matter of a week!).
    take a listen to depeche mode’s the sweetest perfection. to me, it fits edward’s need for bella. it’s perfect.

  7. Betsy Said:

    Hi – I love your work.
    I’m publishing a magazine about women fans of sci fi fantasy horror etc.The next issue is on Twilight. I would like permission to use your Twilight Playlist. May I? What name should I put it under (do you want your real life name on it)? I like how you write and that you read fast. Perhaps you could write some books reviews in the future.

    Let me know,
    Betsy Abbott
    Famazon Magazine

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